Business Summary

Life Support Business

We provide a range of support for athletes and people of culture with unequalled talents by preparing an environment that enables them to demonstrate their best performance and maximize their value within a limited timeframe while implementing promotional activities to establish individual brands and attract social esteem, which will help to accumulate a second career.

(Defensive Service Business)

Centering on services to baseball players, we provide not the so-called aggressive service to confront baseball teams, but defensive services with a focus on support geared to maximize the value of each player. Our services encompass consultations for tax and legal issues during active service to promotion of proactive, professional individuals independent of teams and branding in support of a second career.

  • 1.We provide support to help you become enriched and respected individuals who can make a greater contribution to society.
  • 2.We help adorn the last days of your career and make arrangements for what you should do now to build a long second career.
  • 3.We serve as a dependable guidepost or consultant when you have doubts about your future, as well as in your daily life.
  • 4.We create an environment to take full advantage of your abilities on the best stage.
  • 5.We will say "No" for you to those to whom you cannot say "No."

New Business Creation Business

We create new businesses that are valuable to society by planning and developing new products, ideas, and services that cater to the needs of society and delivering them to the world by way of optimal means.

Cross-Industry Coordination Business

We support company partnerships, introduce services and human resources required for the partnerships, and conduct casting for companies by leveraging our extensive experience and human network.