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When I engaged in the advocacy activities (an ethical social action program to enhance public awareness and make policy proposals) called White Band in my previous career, I realized that athletes and people of culture with unequaled talents have immeasurable value and a significant impact on society. I believe that if we could make them aware of their value and create opportunities to share for the common good, they could enrich their lives in terms of both quality and quantity and attract more respect. I believe that high-quality actions and messages by these brilliant persons will prompt changes in the awareness and behavior of people, leading to a brighter future for communities, Japan, the world, and our planet Earth. This is where my "social mission" and "raison d'?tre" lies and why I created the company.

Moreover, I believe that my mind and body, character, human network, and career all were formed and developed through baseball. It may sound too presumptuous, but I would like to pay off the sporting world for its favor by contributing to its further development. On top of that, I do not want to see the heroes in my childhood fall down in the world. Due to the economic downturn, companies' withdrawal from supporting sports is accelerating, and the time has come where professional players need to strive to enhance their value on their own to survive. We intend to pay off the sporting world for its favors and thereby contribute to society by supporting those who are aware of the aforementioned social situation, form a partnership with them, and increase the number of role models.

Hiroshi Kinoshita
President, NiceGuy PartnerS, Inc.